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Simple, speedy payroll on the cloud.

Cari-Pay makes processing payrolls quick and easy. Cari-Pay saves you time and energy on a troublesome task. You have access to our expert accountants and techies to assist you wherever trouble arises. All accessible on the cloud via PC or mobile devices. For Guyana, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. 

Configurable Taxes

Select from preset deduction profiles or create custom profiles, or even create a custom profile per employee.

Document repository

Store employee certifications and other documents to maintain a centralized repository.

Direct Deposit

Generate direct deposit documents to match your particular bank's specifications to preform direct-deposit payments.

more features...

Employee Portal Facilitate your employees having access to their payment information on their own password protected portal.

Time-clock integration Supported time-clocks on your site can be integrated into Cari-Pay, where employee hours is automatically pulled from the device to calculate working hours.

Loans Issue company loans to employees and the system will automatically deduct the loan-payment until the balance is cleared.

Hours upload via CSV files For hourly rated employee, expedite calculations of hourly and overtime pay by utilizing CSV files.

Human resource features Create, store and print employee reviews, set up company organisational charts, perform leave calculations and more HR tools are available within Cari-Pay.

Safe and secure Your data is protected by regular offsite backups and you can be confident your information is protected by our strict legal and security standards.

More ... There are more features to discover and more coming, Cari-Pay is always evolving to bring the most friendly and convenient features to our customers.

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Cari-Books is our cloud-based, mobile-friendly accounting suite that combines features such as accounting, Point-of-Sale, inventory management, CRM e.t.c. into a powerful ERP suite. Powered by Odoo